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8th Aug, 2023
4 min read

Zeeshan Mallick: YouYaa CEO & Mentor at London’s Level39 and Business France

Zeeshan Mallick is a luminary in the realms of digital marketing, consultancy, and mentoring. With an impressive portfolio that spans over two decades, his remarkable career is highlighted by strategic initiatives that have redefined businesses and a willingness to move with the times and embrace the opportunities presented by new technologies. 

As CEO of YouYaa, a London-based digital marketing agency, Zeeshan has proven to be a force in the industry. Under his leadership, the agency has flourished into a reputable enterprise known for its innovative approach to digital marketing. YouYaa delivers tailor-fit solutions to a diverse clientele from the public and private sectors, including banking, finance, e-commerce, travel, technology, and start-ups. 

Zeeshan Mallick

Zeeshan’s knowledge transcends the confines of traditional industries. He has ventured into the cutting-edge of the digital world, gaining expertise in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and digital transformation. His technological understanding and solid business acumen have allowed him to guide entities in harnessing the potential of blockchains and cryptocurrency to innovate their operations and business models. 

However, his remarkable career does not stop at the helm of business organisations. Zeeshan is also a qualified life coach, imparting wisdom and providing guidance to professionals globally. His coaching engagements are characterised by his unique blend of empathy, knowledge, and strategic insight, enabling his clients to navigate their professional journeys effectively. 

Moreover, Zeeshan Mallick finds fulfilment in academia, where he shares his vast industry knowledge and experiences. As a lecturer in top-ranked business schools like INSEEC, he is instrumental in shaping the minds of future entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and innovators. His insights have given students and young professionals a real-world perspective on the rapidly evolving business landscape.

About YouYaa

Zeeshan Mallick's YouYaa

Initially launching in 2017, YouYaa quickly became a powerhouse in digital marketing. Following a difficult period that affected many companies in the early days of the pandemic, Zeeshan relaunched YouYaa in 2021, redesigning it to be a stronger, more resilient version of the company’s original iteration. 

With offices in London, New York, and Dubai, Zeeshan and YouYaa have designs on becoming a world leader in finance, fintech, and Web3 marketing. Furthermore, the company aims to open offices in Singapore and Australia in the coming years to boost its presence in the region further.

Getting to Know Zeeshan Mallick

With industry contributions that have not gone unnoticed, Zeeshan is a proud member of the ICA, Level39, and Business France. But despite his accolades and successes, Zeeshan recognises the importance of soft skills in his role. Asked about the skills he uses in his work, Zeeshan offered: “Communication, emotional intelligence, leadership, teamwork, time management, active listening, decision making, collaboration, negotiation, patience, empathy, motivation…. the list goes on!”

Personally and professionally, Zeeshan is ever-evolving and constantly learning – which is perhaps what drew him to the turbulent world of digital marketing. He remains steadfast in his pursuit of growth and excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo. His relentless drive and commitment to his craft make him an inspiring figure for those who aspire to make a significant mark in their fields.

Zeeshan Mallick

When discussing his motivation for helping others in their quest for personal development, Zeeshan was quick to pay testament to those who performed similar roles in his own development. He said, “I had amazing teachers in my life, and the connections they made with their students were inspiring.”

At the core of his being, Zeeshan is an advocate for people with disabilities. This passion stems from a personal connection; his brother faces daily societal challenges due to his disability. Zeeshan’s commitment to this cause, his desire to help others achieve their goals, and his understanding of the importance of empathy and motivation demonstrate a genuine effort to create a more inclusive and compassionate society. 

Zeeshan also fervently champions the transformative power of reading, recognising it as a valuable tool for personal development. Indeed, when asked for advice he would offer young people, Zeeshan said: “Read, read, and read as much as you can!”

For more information about Zeeshan’s professional experience, please visit his LinkedIn page.